Born March 5,1995 - 26 Years Old


  American driver from Nazareth, PA


  Grew up with the Andretti Racing family


  Competed in wrestling & football at Nazareth High 



  Other interests include: iRacing, dirt bikes, RC              cars, fitness, and listening to music


  Missed his Senior Prom to qualify for the 2014 

Indianapolis 500


In October 2017, Sage Karam signed with Wilhemina NYC, one of the world’s largest and most well respected modeling agencies.


Sage will continue to follow his dreams as a race car driver, but he will now bring with him a truly unique marketing platform from which to work from.


Personal sponsors and corporate sponsors will now be able to attach their brand to one of the most exciting young talents to grace the race track and the fashion runway…


Sage has signed with one of the best simulator racing organizations in the world called Coanda Sim Sport.  

In addition to racing on the real track, Sage fine-tunes his skills daily with the use of a state of the art simulator to practice reaction time, racing craft, and to perfect his knowledge of different  track layouts.  

He travels all over the world to compete in simulator challenges and has qualified top in the world for many time trial contests.  


Raised in a small town, middle class family, Sage has always made a it a point to give back.  

Passionate about the sport of wrestling he has volunteered as a coach at the local high school for many years. He has been the Freshman team head coach at Liberty High School and is now the varsity assistant coach at PA wrestling mecca - Easton High School.  

Sage spends times giving back to local charities including Pediatric Cancer Foundation of the Lehigh Valley, the Boys and Girls Club of Allentown, and volunteering at Elementary Schools all around to tell his story and inspire young dreamers.